Its been a while but im swinging back into the mood. I have a short part of Darkness Rises on Facebook. Just look for the page called In Confusion Darkness Rises. I am still working on more for it an i am looking for some items to place with the video work of my Shugo Chat. If i can keep a good pace it shouldn't take me to long to get at least half done by the end of the year. I have been doing a lot of editing and voice acting for fandubs last year(still doing so) Hope to keep you all entertained.

So much
I have so much going on that i have yet to finish remaking my shugo chara video to start work on the others. I still have to get in the mood to continue adding on/finishing off my other 2 stories. I kind of have a story idea for a new work. Tho i'll wait an see on that.

Just ask
I am currently considering to take up a new project. If anyone want to work on a project together your more than welcome to ask me. I'll look forward to it.